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Becoming an approved Chargebase installer

If you are considering becoming part of the Chargebase team, as one of our contracted installers, please read on the find out more about how you can do so.

As a company, we are expanding across the UK and are working with more and more electricians, many just like you.

1. How does it work in a nutshell?

We generate all the new customer leads, qualify them, convert the enquiries to orders and then book their installations directly with you. We provide and process all the necessary paperwork which you return to use after the installation.

2. What if it’s a more complicated installation?

We will discuss with you before quoting our customer and if it is more complex then you will be paid accordingly.

3. What are the benefits of working with Chargebase?

There are many benefits of doing so which include:

  • No dealing with incoming enquires that can take up time when you could be working and earning
  • No quoting for jobs you do not end up doing
  • No dealing with timewasters
  • No OLEV paper work – All electric vehicle home charger installations are subsidised by OLEV. This requires registration and the submission of 12 pages of documentation, photographs and a DNO document. We administer all of this for you.
  • Designed to fit around your availability
  • Jobs will be local to you

4. How many jobs will I get?

Every area is different but with every new electrician we undertake a localised marketing programme to generate leads. Our aim is to get you as much work as we can.

5. How much will I get paid for my work?

We pay all our electricians a standard rate of £150 per job or £200 if there are two jobs in a day. We allow for materials too. If there are 2 jobs in one day we will make sure they are near to each other and agree this with you first.

6. What experience/qualifications do I need?

Approved/qualified electrician with your own insurance

So, in summary?

You don’t spend time answering phones, sorting out payments, booking jobs in, dealing with deliveries, ordering, quoting, etc. You just get guaranteed work without all the hassle!



Our Chargers are suitable for all EVs and Hybrids including…



Our customers say...

“Chargebase has the smallest charger on the market and unlike the national suppliers who are only interested in quick and simple installations, they had qualified electricians willing to do the extra work we needed. I paid a little extra above a standard install for the extra work, but the price was competitive and they arrived on time and completed the install to my complete satisfaction.?
- Mr S, Sandhurst.

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