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The installation of home chargers can be complicated but, here at Chargebase, we aim to make installing your charger as easy for you as possible. But what does installing an EV charger into your home involve? Here are the 5 things you should know…

Charger Installation

1. Charger Installation

This involves fitting your charger to your wall and running up to 10 metres of safe and immensely strong armoured cabling to your consumer unit (‘fuse box’). The cabling is routed along your home’s outside walls.

Charger Installation

2. Connecting to your home

Your charger connects to your consumer unit. If there is a space to do so the connection is made and a suitable safety cut off device is fitted by us. If not, you will need a Mini Consumer Unit installed to allow us to connect your charger safely.

Charger Installation

3. Earth Rod

Some homes require the fitment of an earth rod up to 1 meter in length. You may need one of these as an additional level of safety. Remember: your charger will carry up to a third of your total electricity supply when charging.

Charger Installation

4. Anything else?


  • We will complete all your paperwork (16 pages) to enable you to benefit from the government’s / OLEV’s EV charger grant subsidy.
  • We will guarantee your charger and installation for 3 years.
  • All our chargers meet strict government regulations and safety standards.
  • You’ll receive an electrical certificate for your EV charger installation.

Charger Installation

5. One last thing

We are not only a specialist EV charger installation company, we are also a home and commercial electrical company. Because of this, often our customers ask us to undertake additional electrical work in their homes whilst we install their chargers. If you would like any additional work completed by us please let us know.

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Our customers say...

“Chargebase has the smallest charger on the market and unlike the national suppliers who are only interested in quick and simple installations, they had qualified electricians willing to do the extra work we needed. I paid a little extra above a standard install for the extra work, but the price was competitive and they arrived on time and completed the install to my complete satisfaction.?
- Mr S, Sandhurst.

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