Boost Occupancy Rates with our Electric Car Chargers

Last year alone, 220,000+ electric car owners chose hotels with charging facilities over those without. As a result, hotels with electric charging points are seeing increased occupancy rates and are also providing a new stream of revenue generation to their businesses.

Some hotels have now doubled the number of electric car chargers they have to cope! With electric car ownership is increasing rapidly can you afford not to have your own charging facilities? Prices start from around £799+VAT.

Highlights of our charging systems are shown below but please call us on 0333 012 4512 to find out more and book your free survey.

Increased occupancy rates

There aren’t enough hotels and accommodation locations with chargers to meet demand. If you have charging facilities you will increase your occupancy rates and give yourself a highly competitive advantage with some hotels doubling the number of chargers they have!

Revenue Generating

You have the option to take payments from your guests for charging their vehicles. This means your investment will immediately start paying you back and, in time, earning you a profit. With just one £10 charge per day you can generate around £3500 a year from a single charger.

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OLEV £350 grant

Each charger we install for you will benefit from the government’s £350 subsidy. All you need to do is apply here. Please note that this subsidy may be removed at any time and with many of our customers choosing 2-4 chargers, this represents an excellent saving on your installation but for a limited period only.

Fleet Chargers Installed at Work Offices

Smart Chargers

Our intelligent chargers allow you to monitor, switch off/on and manage all your charging facilities from the comfort of your desk or even your phone via our App. Our software is continually improving and we’ll update all your chargers each time we update our software.

Fit, forget and let us look after your chargers

You have enough to manage as it is without worrying about your EV chargers. With our service contracts we’ll fix any problems you have as a priority and carry out safety checks regularly, leaving you to concentrate on your guests.


Keeping your business ticking means ensuring everything is operating well. For all clients we have an optional service contract to keep you fully supported which covers:

Software support to ensure that all know how to manage their chargers

Regular maintenance visits to check that the charger is operating at 100%

A dedicated priority service helpline should any problems occur

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Let’s Get Started

If you would like to speak to a friendly and helpful member of our team, ask questions, discuss your EV charger options or would like help with anything related all you have to do is call us on the number below.


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    Our chargers are robust, providing many years of reliable use. To demonstrate our confidence, and to give you peace of mind, all our chargers come with a 3 years parts and labour warranty. If anything does go wrong with your charger we will simply replace it for a new one. No questions asked. For full terms and conditions please click here.