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So you need to charge your electric vehicle from your home? We can help.
And make the process of ordering and fitting your charger as easy and as quick as it should be.

We’re friendly, helpful, professional and local.

Let’s get you started. Simply scroll down, look at the chargers, decide which one suits you and
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All our chargers are manufactured in the UK and have been approved by OLEV, the Government regulator.

Each of our chargers uses the latest technology to enable it to be smaller than almost any
other charger available today.

The days of big, ugly charging points are gone for our customers. Neat, small and unobtrusive charging
points are the future of EV charging.

So, just choose your charger from the 4 options below and call us or fill in the form and we’ll sort everything
out from there. If you’re not sure, we’ll be happy to provide some help.


Up to 15 miles of range added per hour (3.6KW)


Up to 30 miles of range added per hour (7.2KW)

Standard with Integrated Charging Cable

Up to 15 miles of range added per hour (3.6KW)

Fast with Integrated Charging Cable

Up to 15 miles of range added per hour (7.2KW)

*Any additional work required outside of standard installation is chargeable. All prices quoted for installations which are subject to OLEV charger installation subsidy.

Now fill in the form below or call us on 01252 933273 and we'll sort
everything else out for you. It'll be quick, simple and easy!

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About Us

We're bringing EV chargers to homes across the UK

If you're reading this the chances are that you are already sold on the electric vehicle concept, perhaps you even own an electric car. Fantastic! We love electric vehicles and thousands and thousands more people every month are 'going EV'.

Just as with any battery powered electrical device, your EV needs charging quickly and conveniently. We can't promise you an instant charge just yet but by installing one of our range of electrical chargers into homes, just like yours, we can help make sure you're always ready to go.

installation experts love fitting new

Our qualified engineers are trained electricians, friendly and helpful and will be pleased to answer any questions you have about using your EV charger.

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Night time flood light - safe and easy connecting in the dark

Why not add one of our high powered solar floodlights that automatically illuminate when it's dark so that you can easily and safely connect your charger? Just ask us to add this when you book your installation.


Vehicle news


Charged up @Church Crookham

We’re catching up on our news and this one from today’s installs, is a great way to do so.

Shell to open electric vehicle charging points at UK petrol stations

Shell is opening a first wave of electric vehicle charging points at its UK petrol stations, in a sign of the far-reaching changes under way in the transport and oil sectors.

Drivers will be able to recharge 80% of their battery in half an hour at forecourts in London, Surrey and Derby from this week, with a total of 10 service stations to be equipped with rapid chargers by the end of the year, more.

Hampshire install for a Zoe

Southern Hampshire is one of the latest locations we’ve fitted our excellent chargers. This customer, despite a complex installation, was very happy with their fast charing point fitted neatly at their home. Will you be next?

2018 Nissan Leaf!

The future is here! Well its been here for a while now but this is the future of the world’s best selling EV, Nissan’s Leaf. Stylish and modern new looks, longer range, more power and more than a touch more sophistication will make this a sure fire hit. No prices yet but keep an eye on your local dealer.