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A: They are the smallest on the market. We have found that people don’t want large, old style plastic chargers on the walls of their nice homes these days. Plus, it’s nice to know that they are made in the UK, are reliable, are tried and tested and have a 3 year guarantee. (And they’re installed by us!)

A: All the colours of the rainbow. As long as that rainbow is black, white and silver. And now blue. Examples can be seen here.

A: Yes, we have special solution for this but bear in mind that in general solar panels generate a relatively small amount of electricity and your car requires a considerable amount of electricity. Of course, it will help top up your battery in your EV but unless you have a significant solar installation, they are unlikely to help much with your car.

A: Because your home typically has a 100 amp supply and with everything else in your home such as cookers, showers, heaters, TVs, lights etc. 7.2kW/32 amps is all your home can spare without impacting your other electrical requirements.

A: Yes, we can provide a 5 meter tether (other lengths possible too) to your new charger. Do bear in mind that you’ll have a length of cable to store/tie up somewhere which doesn’t always look very attractive.

A: They only differ in terms of design and style. The larger ones are more suited to commercial applications where they often lead a harder life. We can fit either one into your home though.

Fitting your charger

A: In a nutshell: fitting your new charger to the wall of your home, running armoured cabling to your ‘fuse box’, installing and connecting an earth spike and connecting the charger to your supply.

A: Yes, but it often isn’t. You may not have space in your fuse box to connect your charger, in which case we fit a mini consumer unit (mini fuse box). Sometimes running the wiring from your fuse box to you charger may be more challenging. Every home installation is different.

A: Yes, we will check your entire installation is safe and provide an electrical certificate and notify the local electricity company (a legal requirement).

A: Between half a day and a full day.

A: Yes, it’s not common because not many people regularly park their cars in their garages but if you do then we can help.

OLEV Government Grant for your charger installation

A: If you have your own private parking space, typically a driveway, the car is registered at your home and you have not claimed for your charger at another property then, in most cases, yes you can.

A: It is included in your pricing. We do all the paperwork for, all 16 pages plus photos and documentation. It’s quite a lot of work as you’d imagine! But for you, it’s all very simple.

A: Up to £500. Essentially it means your charger is free, which is nice for you.

A: Almost definitely not but please ask us and we will check. Just send us a few photos but essentially you cannot have your charging cables running over any area that other people may use for walking. OLEV are very strict with this.

A: Yes but OLEV will not provide a grant as the cables will run over the pavement. You may also find that neighbours do not appreciate the cables and potentially you could be liable if anyone trips over them.

A: No-one knows. At the moment it looks like it will last some time but with BREXIT coming up and the government having a track record of switching off subsidies at a moment’s notice it is prudent to take advantage of this as soon as you can.

Also the main electricity body and the government are continually adding new requirements that we have to comply with, all of these add cost to your installation.

About Chargebase Limited

A: We’re a very experienced installer of electric charging points for homes and businesses. We’ve been operating for nearly 3 years and have countless happy customers (and no unhappy ones).

A: Our main office is in Camberley but we cover a large regional area.

A: Typically Hampshire, Surrey and West London but we do travel further if we can. If you are in the ‘further’ areas please just ask us and we’ll do our very best to help you.

A: Yes, and we have an amazing track record to prove this.

We recommend…

“Go for a 7.2kW Smart Home or Mini Smart Home charger, with or without a tethered cable. This will handle all your EV needs and be suitable for your future EVs which are likely to have increasingly large batteries.”

Decided? (Or even if you’re not sure)..

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Our Chargebase Guarantee

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Our chargers and strong and robust and will provide you with many years of reliable use. However, for your added peace of mind all our customers’ chargers come complete with a 3 years parts and labour warranty. Issues with our chargers are extremely rare due to their proven, high quality design and build but we recognise that nothing can be 100% infallible and so, if anything does go wrong with your charger we will simply replace it for a new one. No questions asked. For full terms and conditions please click here.


Your charger – Your Choice


Our customers say...

“Chargebase has the smallest charger on the market and unlike the national suppliers who are only interested in quick and simple installations, they had qualified electricians willing to do the extra work we needed. I paid a little extra above a standard install for the extra work, but the price was competitive and they arrived on time and completed the install to my complete satisfaction.?
- Mr S, Sandhurst.

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