Hotel Occupancy Rates Boosted by Electric Car Chargers

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More electric car owners are looking for hotels which offer electric charge points. And Hookwood Lodge in Surrey knows this better than most.

Demand from new guests has increased to such a level that they have now doubled the number of electric car chargers they have to cope with the high numbers of electric car owners choosing their charging facilities and hotel!

Three years ago the owners had the foresight to see that increasing numbers of guests would want to charge their electric cars overnight or whilst they were away on holidays. After a slow start the number of EV owners increased, each one wanting to ensure that when they finished their journey they could park up and have a fully charged car in the morning or when returning from their holidays.

But as the number of EV owners has increased, so has demand. As a result, in the past month Hookwood Lodge contacted Chargebase and they have now doubled the number of chargers they have!

With guests paying a standard price to charge their cars the chargers now not only provide a significant competitive advantage but they also bring in revenue! With the number of electric car owning set to increase dramatically, super charged occupancy rates are assured.

If you own a hotel, B&B, guest house or any other type of accommodation then why not get in touch and see how you can get a jump start on the EV revolution.

New to the electric car market? Here are 4 stats you should know

  • 200,000+ owners of electric vehicles in the UK
  • 8,000 new electric cars registered in March 2019
  • ‘Electric car sales in the UK have risen dramatically over the past few years.’
  • In 2014 500 new electric cars were registered each month on average. In 2019 it’s 5,000!
Our customers say...

“Chargebase has the smallest charger on the market and unlike the national suppliers who are only interested in quick and simple installations, they had qualified electricians willing to do the extra work we needed. I paid a little extra above a standard install for the extra work, but the price was competitive and they arrived on time and completed the install to my complete satisfaction.?
- Mr S, Sandhurst.

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